Imagine being part of a generation that embraces a new luxury where fashion and accessories are not only no longer fast, but also no longer tied to a season or trend. Only buy what is already available and be economical with what you have. Exchange, upcycle, rent, borrow, buy second hand, or repair the clothes you already own.


Raw materials are running out and the impact on the environment is disastrous. It's time for a new approach to fashion and accessories . For example, we could swap or borrow from each other, share tips and tricks. We must work together to make a change.


"Gen New Luxury" is a community that stands for this new perspective. You can experience luxury with existing materials. Join this new generation and be part of the solution

If you have a company, initiative, social media channel or something else that fits with what Gen New Luxury stands for, or if you have tips and tricks for others, please leave a comment. A link to a channel or website is appreciated. The more people connect, the better. You can also share sales websites. We have to do it together. ( "Email is not displayed on the website") You can also send me an email.

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